Livestock producers use certain crops as a part of their feeding program in the production their beef, pork, and poultry herds. Beef and pork are typically sold using futures contracts while poultry producers do not use standardized futures contracts. Mays Research™ covers livestock producers and analyzes futures markets as well as historical data to develop intermediate and long-term livestock forecasts.

In August of 2014 through our original publishing unit The Mays Report™, we discussed how falling corn prices increased the profitability of livestock production in an article entitled, Plunging Corn Prices Encourage Livestock Producers To Fatten Up The Flock. Sometime during 2016 The Mays Report™, now an operating unit of Mays Research™ will relaunch and provide investors with independent and objective coverage of poultry producers as well as beef and pork cash & futures markets via various newsletters and research reports.

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